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Yesterday’s hostage rescue

Yesterday’s hostage rescue

By In Israel, Statements On 9 June 2024

B’nai B’rith UK is overjoyed at the news that four Israeli hostages have been rescued from Gaza this weekend. Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv were abducted from the Supernova festival at Re’im on 7 October and have now been reunited with their families. Our relief for the hostages is tempered by the sad news that Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora, a key figure in the Yamam counter terror unit, died after being wounded in the operation. We would like to wish his family a long life, and hope that they can be comforted by his boundless courage and self-sacrifice. Israel has demonstrated repeatedly that it will spare no effort to rescue its citizens from captivity. But Israel must not fight alone. The world should continue to pressure Hamas and its backers to release the remaining hostages and allow them to return home.

Dr Jeremy Havardi
Director, Bureau of International Affairs