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Virtual Meetings 2023

Ariela Cassuto and the BB Lodges of Italy: “Jewish Italy- Ebrei Italiani” (BBUK/BB Italy – 15/03/2023)

Ariela Cassuto is President of the Union of B’nai B’rith Italy and has worked closely with BBUK especially in relation to the support of refugees in Ukraine.  In their presentation, Ariela together with  B’nai B’rith Italy take us from the slavery of Roman times, through the ghettos of Venice to Milan, the new reality after World War II, to the freedom of Livorno, and the present day

Prof Richard Landes: The sad tale of the new antisemitism of the 21st century (Bureau of International Affairs – 15/02/2023)

Richard Landes , a former Professor of History at Boston University, is a trained medievalist who has written widely on apocalyptic beliefs, millennial movements and the honour-shame culture. Much of his writing relates to the
scourge of global antisemitism and how today’s anti-Israel movement has reproduced the tropes and canards of historic Jew hatred

Caron Sethill: Treasures from the National Library of Israel (Heritage Days – 25/01/2023)

Caron Sethill is Programme Manager Europe for the National Library of Israel, which is gearing up for the move to its beautiful new home in Jerusalem in 2023, with millions of items are making their way into new state-of-the-art storage facilities. The Library is putting the spotlight on some of these treasures in a new publication “101 Treasures from the National Library of Israel”. In this session, originally planned for December 2022, Caron  presents her top ten of these treasures and tells some of the stories behind them.