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Letter sent to Sir Keir Starmer from Jeremy Havardi

Letter sent to Sir Keir Starmer from Jeremy Havardi

By In Advocacy, BBLBIA, BBUK, Jewish Interest On 6 April 2020

Letter by Jeremy Havardi

Sir Keir Starmer

House of Commons



6 April 2020

Dear Sir Keir,

I am writing on behalf of B’nai B’rith and its advocacy arm, the London Bureau, to congratulate you on becoming Labour leader. This has come at a time when we face enormous challenges from the Coronavirus pandemic and the need for strong, credible and constructive opposition is paramount.

You will be aware that the Anglo-Jewish community has been deeply concerned and upset by the poisonous antisemitism emanating from the Labour movement. Yesterday morning on television you issued an apology to the Jewish community which seemed heartfelt and genuine. I want to thank you for your words and ask that they are followed up with actions.

It is essential that the party’s disciplinary process for dealing with antisemites is swift, transparent and efficient. Those who are found guilty of racism within the party need to be removed forthwith so that Labour can again become a safe place for Jews and all minorities. We also hope that the party fully accepts the conclusions of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, whenever they are delivered. If these actions are taken, I believe the relationship between the Jewish community and Labour will be renewed and strengthened.

When time allows, you may wish to meet with leading figures in the Jewish community to discuss your party’s progress in these matters. We are certainly happy to be part of that discussion.

Yours sincerely

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Jeremy Havardi

Director, London Bureau