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Finchley & Hendon Lodge

Finchley & Hendon Lodge


inchley & Hendon is one of the smaller BBUK lodges and business is done over the phone while they support all BBUK national projects. Lodge President, Walter Breindel, runs the Qiryat Gat scheme, the only combined Israel scheme supported by all the lodges collectively, one of BBUK’s core projects.

We continue to send money for BB causes and are also able to keep up our ongoing support for various charities, such as Qiryat Gat, CST, Hatzolla and the Shoe Programme, all thanks to the generosity of our members and friends.

Individual members generously have donated equipment to the Qiryat Gat Trauma Station. A member who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary asked their friends instead of giving presents to donate to the Qiryat Gat general fund, raising over £1200.00.

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