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David Breuer-Weil Virtual Zoom Talk

David Breuer-Weil Virtual Zoom Talk

By In BBUK, Events, Lecture, Virtual Meeting On 21 May 2020

Report by Valerie Tesler

The London-based artist and sculptor, David Breuer-Weil gave the most recent BBUK Zoom talk, ‘Through the Eyes of a Jewish Artist’ on Wednesday 20th May.

The exceptional talk was enjoyed by approximately 70 participants who had the opportunity to learn about David’s ideas and thought processes in addition to the philosophy and inspiration behind his pieces.

They heard about David’s personal connection to Judaism influences his work and how he derives inspiration from biblical and Talmudic sources. This is evidenced in one sculpture of an oversized human head, outside a hospital in Israel, which is inspired by a Talmudic phrase about the soul. Another sculpture, fashioned from polished steel, placed outside the tower of Jerusalem, features Jerusalem as the centre of the world, while his latest series of gold leaf drawings refers to ancient works.

David also talked about the process involved in creating bronze sculptures.

Participants viewed a series of sculptures that have been placed in different locations around the world and saw a selection of paintings, including one featuring clusters of people under crashing waves, symbolizing the passing of time and previous generations, and another showing a daughter sitting in the long imposing shadow of her father.

David Breuer-Weil is a London-based artist. His work frequently explores ideas of humanity, history and existence. Breuer-Weil initially studied at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art before reading English at Clare College, Cambridge University. Described by Times art critic John Russell Taylor as a “colossal talent”, Breuer-Weil has executed a series of monumental paintings symbolic of the trials and tribulations of modern life, known as his ‘projects’. “It is difficult to think of any series of contemporary British paintings more ambitious in scale and content than Breuer-Weil’s Project” (The Times).

His monumental bronzes have been exhibited in numerous prestigious locations in London over recent months; including Alien (Grosvenor Gardens), Emergence (Hanover Square and Portman Square), and Visitor 1 (Golders Hill Park). His works have also featured several times in the Sotheby’s selling exhibition ‘Beyond Limits’, at Chatsworth House