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Civilisation in Crisis

Civilisation in Crisis

By In Advocacy, BB London Bureau of International Affairs, BBLBIA, BBLBIA News, . . . On 13 November 2020

A report by Jeremy Havardi Director LBIA

Freedom of religion and belief is regarded as a sacrosanct foundation of any civilised society and is upheld in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Yet millions suffer from the absence of such freedoms and are imperilled when they practise their faith. In the Middle East, this includes members of various communities, such as the Copts, the Baha’i, the Ahmadis, the Mandeans, the Yazidis and many others. They are united by the common experiences of suffering, victimhood and persecution; a denial of the security and freedom which should be common to all. These experiences constitute a glaring rebuke to the societies in which they live and the governments that rule them. The London Bureau has produced a survey which examines the plight of nearly a dozen minorities in the Middle East and North Africa, assessing the impact of state backed persecution, ethnic cleansing, and religious intolerance on persecuted communities. Please email lbia@bnaibrithuk.org if you want to receive an e-copy. It is free to BBUK members and Friends of the London Bureau.