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“Israelophobia”: Jeremy Havardi interviews Jewish Chronicle editor Jake Wallis Simons

On Thursday night Jake Wallis Simons, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, was interviewed by Bureau director Dr. Jeremy Havardi on the subject of his book “Israelophobia”. Simons discussed the volume and intensity of anti-Israel hatred, showing how much of it[...]

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Talk on antisemitism by CST’s Dave Rich: last night’s Bureau of International Affairs event

Last night, Dave Rich, the head of policy at the CST, gave an online talk to BBUK members and friends of the Bureau about his book Everyday Hate: How antisemitism is built into our world and how you can change it. He[...]

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Fascinating panel of distinguished speakers discuss ‘Music & Memory’

On Sunday 26th November, three renowned UK Jewish organisations joined together to put on a fascinating and thought-provoking panel discussion on zoom, as part of B’nai B’rith UK’s annual European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage. Over 100 people attended[...]

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“Bin it, don’t block it” – BBUK Zoom meeting report

Miriam Harvey, Community Volunteer with Thames Water started last week’s three-part Zoom presentation by introducing the company’s ‘Bin it, don’t block it’ campaign. This was created to educate the public about not putting cooking oils and wet wipes down the[...]

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“The National Library of Israel – a dialogue between time and space”

The Heritage Days Zoom Meeting on Wednesday 24 November was a fascinating talk on “The National Library of Israel – a dialogue between time and space” by Caron Sethill, NLI Programme Manager Europe. A recording of the talk is posted [...]

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Raoul Wallenberg Lodge Zoom meeting : “Queens of the Underworld- the Incredible History of Female Crooks”

I have much pleasure in inviting you to our next meeting to be held on August 26th at 6 pm. Our speaker is the novelist Caitlin Davies who will be talking about her new book to be published in October.[...]

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