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B’rith B’rith UK condemns new Amnesty report

B’rith B’rith UK condemns new Amnesty report

By In Advocacy, Israel, Palestinians, Statements On 2 February 2022

B’rith B’rith UK condemns in the strongest terms the recent report produced by Amnesty International UK on ‘Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians’. Israel is a vibrant and pluralistic democracy guided by the rule of law and one whose founding principles reject any form of discrimination based on race or ethnicity. It is wholly different to the apartheid regime in South Africa, whose racist laws meant that skin colour determined legal rights and status. The military restrictions that Amnesty cites are a regrettable symptom of a protracted conflict, though one that Israel has tried, on many occasions, to end. They were not inevitable on Israel’s founding and to claim otherwise shows a remarkable and breath-taking ignorance of Middle East history. By spreading the malign apartheid lie, Amnesty is cementing a poisonous and bigoted view of Israel as well as harming the chances of co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians.