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“Bin it, don’t block it” – BBUK Zoom meeting report

“Bin it, don’t block it” – BBUK Zoom meeting report

By In BBUK, Virtual Meeting On 29 July 2022

Miriam Harvey, Community Volunteer with Thames Water started last week’s three-part Zoom presentation by introducing the company’s ‘Bin it, don’t block it’ campaign. This was created to educate the public about not putting cooking oils and wet wipes down the drain to prevent the formation of ‘fatbergs’.
Dr Victoria Reeve, their archaeologist, looked at the interesting history of the Victorian sewer system and the wonderful, listed buildings that are still in use today.
The final presentation was by Dr Jade Petersen who gave an overview of the data-driven daily operations of sewer maintenance planned programmes.
Everyone found this a fascinating and unusual topic and hopefully we will now all think twice about how we dispose of our waste products!