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Yesterday’s presentation: Noru Tsalic on trying to understand the post 7 October reality

Last night Noru Tsalic, a management consultant, blogger and public speaker, gave a presentation to BBUK members and friends on trying to understand the post 7th October reality. He spoke about the reasons for enmity between the Islamic Republic and[...]

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“Israelophobia”: Jeremy Havardi interviews Jewish Chronicle editor Jake Wallis Simons

On Thursday night Jake Wallis Simons, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, was interviewed by Bureau director Dr. Jeremy Havardi on the subject of his book “Israelophobia”. Simons discussed the volume and intensity of anti-Israel hatred, showing how much of it[...]

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B’nai B’rith London – a new BBUK home for Jewish adults under 60

B’nai B’rith London is an evolution of a London-based network called ShulMates. It is the first central London-based lodge and seeks to provide a home for Jewish adults under 60 within the current B’nai B’rith UK community.ShulMates and B’nai B’rith[...]

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BIA takes part in annual BBI advocacy mission to UNESCO

Bureau director, Dr Jeremy Havardi, was among a number of participants that took part in BBI’s annual advocacy mission at UNESCO in Paris. He held a number of meetings with senior diplomats, including the Ambassadors of Lithuania, Mexico, the UK,[...]

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International Court of Justice – Bureau of International Affairs statement

B’nai B’rith UK is disappointed that the International Court of Justice did not dismiss the pernicious charge of genocide brought against Israel by South Africa. However, we do welcome the fact that the Court did not demand an immediate ceasefire[...]

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