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BBUK statement on war crimes in Ukraine

BBUK statement on war crimes in Ukraine

By In Advocacy, Bureau of International Affairs, Statements On 8 April 2022

The following statement has been issued by Jeremy Havardi, BBUK Director of the Bureau of International Affairs and sent to the appropriate organisations.
On behalf of its members, B’nai B’rith UK expresses its deepest shock and anguish at the war crimes that have been uncovered in Ukraine. The first hand testimonies of victims are truly heartrending, with accounts of torture, rape, the mass shooting of civilians and the forcible starvation and deportation of people. It is clear that the Russian army has committed gross violations of the laws of armed conduct with such deliberate and ruthless targeting of civilians. Doubtless, as more areas of Ukraine are liberated, further atrocities will come to light which will shock the conscience of the world. For a Jewish organisation committed to human rights, such crimes against humanity have an all too painful resonance and require an unambiguous response. B’nai B’rith UK calls on governments to speak out with a clear voice against these criminal acts and to demand that the perpetrators be held to account. To this end, we also call on members of parliament to support the creation of a special tribunal to seek justice for the civilians who have been murdered, injured or uprooted in this appalling war. Above all, we continue to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this desperate hour.