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Bank Transfers

CAF Bank
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How to donate:

By bank transfer to CAF Bank
Account Name: BBUK
Sort Code: 40-52-40
Account Number: 00015064

Please use the reference: YOUR NAME/ISRAEL EMERGENCY

By Smart Giving:

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Projects we support

Justice for Jewish people

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General Activities

The Core Objectives of B’nai B’rith UK are

• To foster friendship through social, cultural and recreational programmes
• To support the State of Israel and world Jewry
• To work for charitable endeavours
• To initiate and develop community projects
• To strengthen B’nai B’rith links across Europe

BBUK mainly operates as a network of Lodges or Groups each with its own programme of diverse activities tailored to the interests of the group.

Also we have National Members who join to support BBUK’s humanitarian and charitable projects.

BB Medicines Kyiv Projects and Initiatives

Reference ‘Kyiv’

Kyiv Medicine Programme

A programme for elderly Jews and Righteous Gentiles in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Following suspension in March 2022, this programme has now resumed under emergency conditions

The medical programme serves around 200 people, many of them Holocaust and Second World War veterans, of whom some are Righteous Gentiles.

There are two doctors who run the clinic every other Sunday. If drugs are prescribed they have to be obtained from a pharmacy at prices most people cannot afford. B’nai B’rith obtains the drugs from a wholesaler and passes them on to the patient.

Without your and our constant help this programme could not carry on and 75 very elderly and sick people would have nowhere else to turn.

UN Flag

Reference ‘Bureau’

Bureau of International Affairs

Funding towards the work of the B’nai B’rith UK Bureau of International Affairs

The Bureau of International Affairs was founded by B’nai B’rith UK in March 1998 as an Associate Office of B’nai B’rith International’s Centre for Human Rights and Public Policy in Washington DC.

The mission of the Bureau is to serve and protect the interests, welfare and security of Jewish people, the State of Israel and to uphold the human rights of minority peoples globally. It was set up to address the need for a pro-active, strategic European organisation to engage with the diplomatic community on behalf of the Jewish people.

By focusing on decision-makers and influencers, its objective is to be a positive influence on policy developments affecting the State of Israel and Jewish interests generally.

Bnai Brith Heritage Day - Holland Park Synagogue

Reference ‘Heritage’

Heritage Days

The B’nai B’rith UK European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage

B’nai B’rith UK acts as a link between the UK and Europe through its coordination of the European Days of Jewish Culture and Heritage (EDJCH) in the UK. Its aim is to reinforce Jewish identity and commitment and through its Open Days to present Judaism to the general public with its outreach, educational, social and cultural programmes.

Each year, since 2000, B’nai B’rith UK has proudly organised Jewish Heritage Days in the UK. These events take place between September and December and are held all over the country. They are part of the EDJCH that takes place throughout mainland Europe.

Qiryat Gat Food Boxes Ready for Distribution

Reference ‘Family’

BBUK Qiryat Gat Foodbank and Distribution Centre

Qiryat Gat is the development town which has been the focus of a major part of BBUK’s fund raising for more than 30 years.

The town has absorbed 30,000 immigrants from 40 different origins, including Ethiopia, Russia and Central Asia, giving the town a high unemployment figure and many challenges among its inhabitants.

Over the years, BBUK has been involved in a number of projects in Qiryat Gat. and the current one was prompted by the revelation that school children were stealing sandwiches from each other. This was verified on investigation by visiting the homes in question where they found empty fridges and a general lack of food.

As a result, BBUK currently raises funds for the provision of regular food parcels for needy families. The food is sourced, packed and distributed by young Israeli volunteers who make up the deliveries discreetly, at night, so as not to draw attention to the recipients. The target that we hope to raise each year is £15,000 which is increasingly difficult to achieve, so we greatly appreciate your generous response.

Cellist as part of orchestra

Reference ‘Odesa’

The Shoe Programme

Supporting the Tikva Children’s Home

After 26 years of successfully raising more than £130,000 the Concerts for Shoes Programme, which enabled us to provide a new pair of shoes each year for up to 250 children in the Tikva Children’s Home in Odesa, the Concerts for Shoes Programme has now ended.

Due to the Ukraine war, the Tikva Children’s Home has now relocated from Odesa to Romania, where they are now supporting 500 children, double the number they had before the war.

Funds are needed more than ever now to provide shoes and clothing. The necessity is never ending, so please continue to support this programme by making a direct donation to B’nai B’rith UK.